Enjoy an unparalleled experience. Discover breathtaking landscapes and amazing sensations.

EasyBalloon, is the experience and quality of a balloon flight since 1992.

Flight price from CHF 295.00 per person per person

Offer yourself an unforgettable moment in a hot air balloon flight.

In which region do the flights take place?

Hot air balloon flights are mainly practiced in the region of Fribourg, Romont and Gruyères. . Please contact us for flights in other regions.

When can I fly?

All year round, subject to good weather conditions, i.e. calm wind and good visibility (in winter, the cold anticyclones allow particularly beautiful flights).
For security and aerological reasons, take-offs take place at dawn and at the end of the day.

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The process

. Technical explanations and pre-flight briefing
. Equipment and balloon inflation (in which you are invited to participate)
. Boarding and take-off
. During the flight, evolutions at different altitudes according to the pilot’s choices, the landscape and the wind conditions.
. As the balloons are not steerable, the pilot will remain in permanent radio contact with the team members in charge of the follow-up on the ground.
. They will reach the landing point in 4×4 vehicles.
. Fold up and put away the equipment, then share emotions around some drinks before the return by vehicles to the starting point.


Our hot air balloon flights are accessible to all persons except young children and pregnant women.
Persons over 75 years of age must have a positive opinion from their attending physician.
People must travel by their own means to the take-off site. Our baskets are not equipped for people with reduced mobility. Warm, comfortable clothing and good shoes are recommended. Don’t forget your cameras, binoculars, etc…

Duration of the excursion

3 to 4 hours of outdoor activities including more than one hour of flying.

Easyballoon.ch is a professional company approved by the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation in Bern since 1992 for the transport of passengers in hot-air balloons.

(Authorisation number CH-BAL BB 8039)

Bulle, Fribourg, Gruyère, Romont, Canton Fribourg, Montreux, Château-d’Oex, pays d’en-haut, Vol en ballon, Payerne