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The advantage of flying in a hot air balloon, contrary to other means of aerial transport, is the fact that you can fly at a height of one meter and skim over the tops of trees or riverbeds, as well as at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters in order to have an overall view that stretches from the Swiss Plateau to the Alps! The flights depend as much on the weather conditions of the moment as on the passengers’ desires and their courage!

The flying season extends from April to October. This is the best time for good weather conditions, early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the air is calm and stable.

3 to 4 hours of outdoor activities including more than one hour of flying.

About the same as on the ground! Knowing that the balloon flies in the wind, there is no air current on board the basket; the heat released by the burner… But it is necessary to bring a jacket or a sweater to dress during the preparation of the balloon or after the landing.

A fantastic landscape, colorful and hilly depending on the region flown over; each flight is unique since we cannot direct a balloon… the wind chooses to make us discover the beauty of nature!

The phenomenon of vertigo does not exist since the balloon is not attached to the ground. During the flight, the basket is very stable and there is no swaying You feel very comfortable from the moment you take off.

If it’s a love problem, there is nothing like a balloon flight to feel happy like a bird in flight… If it’s a heart problem and if you are thinking of flying in the mountains, it is better to ask at what maximum altitude you will fly. In other regions there is no contraindication!

Because the wind speed (which is not necessarily the same on the ground as in the air) does not always allow it. At more than 15km/h of wind on the ground, we are obliged, for safety reasons, to cancel the flights.

As the balloon moves with the wind, the pilot only controls the altitude of the balloon by heating more or less the inside of the envelope using the burners. It needs a good stability of the air, a not too high outside temperature, as well as light winds. The only way to meet all these conditions is to take off one hour after sunrise or two hours before sunset.
But luckily dawn and dusk are two very beautiful moments of the day!

The pilot chooses the take-off site according to the wind direction (to avoid flying over a large forest for example… and to make the flight as interesting as possible). Each participant must be able to get to the launch site chosen by the pilot by his own means. The exact meeting place is confirmed by phone the day before the reserved date.

No, all passengers stand during the entire flight, and squat for landing.

Our baskets have places for 4, 6, 8 passengers.

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