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The rates below are for departure from the regions of Gruyère, Fribourg and Romont.

Flights in other regions organized from 6 people, consult us for possibilities and rates!

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Thank you for taking note of our general conditions of sale below.

Discovery flight for 1 to 4 persons.

CHF 340.00 per person, insurance included..

Flight for groups of 5 persons or more.

CHF 295.00 per person, insurance included..

Flight for children.

CHF 190.00 per person, insurance included.

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General terms and conditions of sale & &

  1. services presents on its website several activities related to hot air balloons, gas balloons and airships.

Each gift voucher and flight ticket corresponds to a specific activity.

The customer has the possibility to check his order and, if necessary, to modify his personal data (name, address) before confirming his purchase. After having entered all the necessary information, verified their accuracy and accepted the present terms and conditions, the client then places a formal order with The acceptance of this order (and consequently the conclusion of the contract) is materialized by the sending of the gift certificates and flight tickets.

The client or beneficiary contacts to take advantage of his gift certificate or flight ticket; the general conditions prevail. The information in the description of the activities is for information purposes only.

  1. Scope of the General Sales Conditions

The and websites are owned, edited and operated by Collet Philippe (hereafter “”).
All activities proposed by through its website, the reservation/purchase of services, any other use of the site, as well as the services of intermediaries are exclusively governed by the present General Sales Conditions (hereafter “GSC”).

  1. Gift vouchers and flight tickets

Gift certificates and flight tickets entitle the customer, after full payment of the order, to book the offer of the gift certificate during the period of its validity, regardless of the current price of the activity The gift vouchers and flight tickets are valid for 24 months from the date they are issued (the date of issue of the gift voucher or flight ticket is indicated on the voucher). If the client is unable to use the gift certificate or flight ticket before its expiration date, he/she can, by contacting, obtain an extension. The extension is possible provided that the request is made at the latest 2 months after the expiration of the gift certificate or flight ticket. After this period, it is no longer possible to extend the validity of the gift voucher or flight ticket.

Gift vouchers and flight tickets are transferable and can be redeemed by any person who is eligible for the offer.

Gift vouchers and flight tickets cannot be redeemed for cash.

  1. Description of the Activities

The description of the activities on the website is valid at the moment of its publication on the website. The content of the offer can however be slightly modified. tries to do its best to keep its offers updated on its website.

The photographs published on the website to present an offer only serve to describe it. The reproductions of the vehicles, balloons, places, etc… have no contractual value and can vary.

The duration of the offers is mentioned only as an indication, to give the customer an approximate idea of the duration of the activity linked to the offer. A gift voucher can include several people. Therefore, it is possible that there will be waiting times The indications of duration indicated on the site have no contractual value and may vary.

  1. Conditions of Participation, Weather Conditions, Availability

The participation in an activity may require certain conditions for its realization (age, health, weight, travel to the activity …) These conditions are indicated in the description of the activity published on the website or upon request by phone, e-mail, etc… By finalizing the order, the customer must ensure that these conditions are met by the person who will participate in the activity. The refund of the price of the activity is excluded in the case of an error related to the conditions of participation made by the customer. All these conditions of participation are indicated in detail in the description of the activity on the website or are available upon request by phone, e-mail, etc… asks everyone to be aware of these conditions and indications.

All activities are dependent on weather conditions and can only be carried out under favorable conditions. The weather conditions are mentioned in the description of the activity on . It may be necessary to ask about the weather conditions the day before or the day of the activity. The client must obtain this information directly from . If the activity cannot be organized due to weather conditions, another date will be set directly with However, in such cases, does not reimburse expenses or inconveniences resulting from the different attempts to obtain the activity (e.g. travel expenses, accommodation, accompaniment, vacations, etc.). recommends that the reservation be made as soon as possible.

If the client does not show up for the reserved activity, reserves the right to claim the costs incurred (travel, organization costs, etc…)

  1. Failure

If, during the activity, a vehicle, a specific technical equipment, the participation of a specific person that is part of the ordered service, and if this vehicle, this technical equipment or this person is not available on the day planned for the activity, reserves the right to proceed with an equivalent replacement. If such a replacement proves to be impossible, reserves the right to cancel the activity at any time without indemnity.

  1. 7. Modifications to the Services

The content of the activity will be modified only to the extent that such modifications are necessary and that the nature of the activity or its composition is not substantially changed. The content or the course of the activity may change slightly.

  1. 8. Liability

Each participant is responsible for being properly insured when enjoying an activity. The participant must also refer to the advice of a general practitioner if he/she has any doubt about his/her physical capacity to enjoy the activity. cannot be held responsible for any damage or serious injury related to the physical condition of the participants.

  1. Unused gift voucher and flight ticket and cancellation

By purchasing a gift voucher or a flight ticket for an activity with, the client acquires the right to enjoy an activity with for a certain period of time.
A cancellation or termination of the contract with is excluded. In case of non-participation in an activity during the period of validity, a refund is excluded.

If a date has been fixed and reserved for an activity and the client does not come, the gift voucher or flight ticket loses all validity.

In the case of a rescheduling, the client must quickly come to an agreement with and inquire about the possible costs caused by a rescheduling or a cancellation at the last moment. Agreements must be made between the client (or the holder of the gift certificate/flight ticket) and If costs are to be paid, the client must pay them directly to

  1. Cancellation by has the right to cancel the purchase contract for important reasons before the client has booked or scheduled an activity with These important reasons are for example:
– The minimum number of participants indicated in the description of a personalized offer for the activity is never reached
– For economic reasons, cannot be expected to organize the activity.
– Force majeure
In case of cancellation of a contract by, the client cannot claim any compensation.

  1. Prices

The prices of the activities / gift vouchers / flight tickets are final and displayed on the website, in Swiss francs (CHF).

The online purchase of gift voucher(s)/flight ticket(s) is done exclusively via the website

Delivery by post is free of charge, including postage for the gift voucher(s) / flight ticket(s). The online purchase of gift voucher(s)/flight ticket(s) is done exclusively via the website

  1. Payment and Delivery

The payment of the activities/ gift vouchers/ flight tickets is done online on the website
The postal delivery remains dependent on the services of La Poste. Delivery will be made to the person and address indicated by the customer at the time of purchase. Delivery times may be extended in case of strikes or force majeure, and this for the duration of the delay caused. In case of loss, presumed loss, theft or abuse of the gift certificate/flight ticket (= data of the gift certificate/flight ticket), the customer must immediately contact to block it directly. does not accept any responsibility for the illegal validation of a gift voucher/ flight ticket without prior notification.

  1. Return of gift vouchers / flight tickets

From the date of receipt of the gift voucher(s)/flight ticket(s), the customer has 14 days to express his/her wish to withdraw, by contacting us by e-mail or by phone. The gift vouchers must be returned by post in perfect condition and in their original packaging to Collet Philippe, Route de Morlon 44, 1630 Bulle. The reimbursement of the returned gift certificates will be made if all the previous conditions are correctly met, within 14 days, by bank transfer. Only the return costs are at the buyer’s expense. A reason for withdrawal is not required. A lump sum of CHF 50.00 per gift voucher/ flight ticket will be deducted.

  1. Applicable law

These GTC are governed by the provisions of Swiss law.

  1. Severability clause

If individual provisions of these terms and conditions are invalidated, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalidated provision shall be replaced by a provision corresponding to or approximating the spirit of this agreement, as the parties would have agreed to achieve the same economic result, had they been aware of the invalidity of the provision. The same applies to gaps.

  1. 16. Conditions of Carriage for private flights for remuneration..

Carriage on the basis of this title of transport is subject to the liability provisions stipulated in the Ordinance on Air Transport (OATr) of August 17, 2005 for domestic and international transportation that is applicable at the time of travel and, where applicable, to the Montreal Convention of May 28, 1999 and the EU Ordinance no.785/2004 of April 21, 2004. These pieces of legislation govern the liability of air carriers for death or bodily injury of a passenger, for the loss or damage of baggage and

for delay. Liability may be limited.

  1. – For losses up to 100’000 Special Drawing Rights (SDR) the liability may not be excluded or limited. . Beyond this, the air carrier may exempt itself from liability under certain grounds for exoneration, defined by the legislation. For death or bodily injury, an advance payment is due for each passenger within 15 days form the date of identification of natural persons entitled to such compensation. In the event of death, at least 16’000 SDR are due.
  2. – Liability for destruction, loss, damage, od delay to baggage, is limited to 1131 SDR per passenger.
  3. Liability for delayed travel is limited to

4694 DTS par passager.

  1. Benefits paid to persons entitled to compensation for damages from any passenger accident insurance policies the air carrier or aircraft owner

may have taken out, and advance payments that the air carrier

may be obligated to make under the applicable liability provisions must be credited in fill against liability claims.

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